Friday, October 9, 2009

Get "Fubar"ed tonight!

Raleigh's newest bar, Fubar boasts itself as the wildest party bar in town. See if it's true tonight! They DO have a clever name!

Here's their location:

412 West Davie Street
Downtown, Raleigh, NC 27601


    My friends and I frequently went to FUBAR on Saturday nights. Last night, two of my black friends were denied entry for having "baggy pants." We were part of a group of 15 and all of us left because they could not come inside.

    When we first walked inside and while standing outside arguing we watched white guys with much baggier pants enter. The bouncer even told one white guy that if he tightened his belt, he would be allowed to come in. This is clearly unjust and blatantly racist. There is no other sane explanation for their unforgivable actions.

    I asked the bouncer if they could go home and change and we were told, "No, they could not come back and neither could we because we were with them." We continued to argue and the police officer standing outside the bar told us that we were then trespassing and could not stay there so half of our group started walking away. Finally the security said our group could get a refund for our cover because we barely even entered before all of this injustice happened. So the rest of group started walking back to the bar to get our refunds. Then the security guard inside by the cash register denied half of our group our refunds and claimed that we were not together even though we all entered together and left at the same time. He would not budge on this issue.

    Only half of our group got their money back. They were extremely disrespectful to us and their hateful actions were inexcusable. We are not coming back because we will not support a business with such low moral values. They are "racist beyond all recognition."

  2. FUBAR = FUN

    Poor Jackie Dilio apparently had an extremely bad night and RACISM is just out of the picture @ FUBAR!

    FUBAR is the ultimate party bar in Raleigh.
    We advertise to every demographic in the surrounding areas!


    We do not allow in excessively baggy clothing, workboots, sunglasses or chains. For full dresscode please see

    With over 1000s of pictures to show you what we are all about! CHECK US OUT!!

  3. fubar sucks dick. they were racist to me and I am black and had tight paints. :(

  4. What does fubar have against solid color T-shirts and of course Carey Kidd is out trying to do damage control while promoting. Such douchebaggery