Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remedy Diner Shout Out!

We had plans to go to Foundation last night, but one of the members of our crew was under 21, so we were turned away. After a quick smoke and discussion, we decided to head to The Remedy Diner for our post-dinner drinks. We were incredibly happy with our decision! The Remedy Diner is featuring a BUNCH of seasonal cocktails that are giving Foundation a run for its money! It was a tough decision, but I chose their Hot Spiked Chocolate, which is hot chocolate, brandy and whipped cream. It was delicious with their chocolate chip pie. Other beverages samples were the Winter Martini and the Rye Flip. They were also very delicious! The Remedy Diner is vegan friendly, veggie friendly and carnivore friendly, so there is truly something for everyone. Their daily specials are on the sidebar.

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