Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shout Out to Milton's!

Milton's was one of my more frequent haunts when my boyfriend (now husband) lived on Six Forks. We don't get to go there quite as often, but my friends and I had a hankering for it last night. We were happy to see that it had expanded. We were EVEN HAPPIER to see that they had added a bar and were now serving liquor drinks! They used to just serve beer and wine.

The place was packed, but it was worth the wait. There's always a happy vibe to this place and the service is always prompt and friendly. We may have to drive out to Milton's more often.

If you haven't been there, why not check it out tonight? You can get a glass of Sangria for $4 and a half price dessert with any entree!

Have a favorite restaurant or bar that you want to make a shout-out to? Email me at and tell me why your favorite place is the best!

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