Monday, May 31, 2010

Shout Outs from the weekend!

I have had an awesome holiday weekend just hanging out in my own city. Love it! I wanted to give out a few Shout Outs to my favorite places:

First, a HUGE Shout out to Tobacco Road Sports Cafe! My friends and I went there for the 4th time this weekend, this time to watch the first Stanley Cup game. As usual, the service was awesome, the staff made sure we had a good view of the game and the food, as usual, was also phenomenal. If you haven't tried this place, yet, I urge you to do so soon! I recommend the Mac and cheese, the Tomato Sandwich and the Chicken Taquitos. My friends and I have also decided that Tobacco Road Sports Cafe is our OFFICIAL sports bar. (Sorry, Hi-5, but we still haven't gotten over that one time you cut the 'Canes game off in the middle of the 3rd period and wouldn't put it back on even though we had spent a bunch of money at the bar that night. Lame.)

Also, a Shout Out to Busy Bee! The food, drinks and service are ALWAYS awesome here. I love sitting on the roof! Check it out and get the bruschetta, the loaded tots or the steak frites. I could hang out at this place allll night!

The final Shout Out goes to Foundation. They make the best drinks in Raleigh, hands down. I discovered my new favorite last night-the Basil Smash.

I hope everyone had a great time this weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

Did you have a great time while you were out with your friends in Raleigh? If you want to give your favorite bar/restaurant in Raleigh a Shout Out, send your name, the date were there and why it was such a great experience to

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