Friday, September 3, 2010

Shout Out and Last Night of Raleigh Beer Week!

Tonight marks the close of Raleigh's inaugural Beer Week! We all had a great time, hanging out at neighborhood bars, chatting about beer and of course, drinking lots of rare beers. It was THE week to be in Raleigh!

I want to raise my glass and give a Shout-Out to Landmark Tavern, who hosted Julie Johnson from All About Beer Magazine on Monday. You could feel the excitement as the cask of Bells Two-Hearted was tapped. We were so energized by the place that we decided to stop in again later on in the week. It just may become a regular place for me.

Raleigh Beer Week
will also come to a close at Landmark tonight, so head out that way around 6 PM. They will be tapping a cask of Jewbilation #11, which has never been served in NC!

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