Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shout outs from the weekend

My first Shout Out from the weekend goes to Tir Na Nog, a place I have been frequenting a lot more often lately. Their chicken burger is so delicious I have been craving it a lot. Plus, the service is always awesome, they have plenty of beer selections and I have recently discovered their Hot Whiskey - which really warms you up on cold evenings. Last night our server, Logan, let us in on the Pub Club. You fill out a card and Tir Na Nog sends you a card in the mail. Every time you use the card, you get a point for every dollar. After you've reached 70 points, you get a coupon for $10 off! TNN will also send you deals and coupons for your birthday and anniversary. We signed up immediately, thanks for the tip and the awesome service, Logan! If you want to join the Pub Club, ask your server about it next time you are at TNN.

Another shout out goes to The Big Easy - thank you so much for taking our large and boisterous crowd in on the fly on a busy night Emily was a great server and handled a large crowd with ease. Thanks, Emily!

Did you have a great time while you were out with your friends in Raleigh? If you want to give your favorite bar/restaurant in Raleigh a Shout Out, send your name, the date were there and why it was such a great experience to

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