Saturday, January 1, 2011

Win a $50 bar tab at Hunter's Oak City from Raleigh Specials Tonight!

Raleigh Specials Tonight is excited to announce that we now have a dedicated Twitter account. We are even MORE excited to announce that we are giving away a $50 bar tab at Isaac Hunter's Oak City Tavern to ONE lucky follower! All you have to do is follow Raleigh Special Tonight's new Twitter account, @RALspecials. Followers that abide by THE RULES (getting to those) by Jan. 6 at 5 PM EST to be eligible to win.


I know, rules suck, but there are only 2:

1) You must be 21 to win. Isaac Hunter's Oak City Tavern WILL be checking your ID. If you aren't 21, no bar tab for you!

2) Real people only! Of course, we want your local company/restaurant/bar to follow us too, but only personal Twitter accounts will be entered into the drawing.

I know that you all have a few questions, so I will try to address them here:

I'm already following @RALspecials, I'm over 21 and I am a person. Am I eligible to win?


Wow, a $50 bar tab is pretty awesome! How can I increase my chances of winning?

We will ask random trivia questions on the @RALspecials Twitter account from now until Jan.6th. Answer them correctly and you'll be entered twice!

When will you announce the winner?

The winner will be announced on Friday, Jan 7th. We will contact the winner with details.

Who is paying for the bar tab?

Raleigh Specials Tonight is paying for the bar tab. You're welcome!

Why are you creating a new Twitter account?

I have been using my personal Twitter account for Raleigh Specials Tonight and I have started taking on other projects. Since many of my followers follow me because of Raleigh Specials Tonight, I wanted to give them the option of following an account 100% dedicated to Raleigh.

Can I still follow your @amgenove account?

Of course! I will still be tweeting about RST from that account.

What are these "other projects"?

One of my projects is already up and running, All Star Specials Tonight is dedicated to keeping locals and visitors informed of all happenings surrounding the 2011 NHL All Star Game. I also plan to launch Durham Specials Tonight this year.

Can I buy you a beer?


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