Monday, June 27, 2011

Shout Outs from the weekend

 I had another wonderful weekend in Raleigh and I have a couple of Shout Outs!

First Shout Out goes to Cafe Caturra. Several RST readers ranked this place as one of the best places to drink wine, so I checked it out for the first time. I was pleased to discover a great wine list, a casual atmosphere, excellent service and tasty food. You place your order at the counter and they bring it to you, but we had several women with disabilities in our group and the staff gladly came over and took their orders from the table instead. I recommend this place for after work drinks and apps! They also have a nice patio area, which i will gladly take advantage of once it cools down a bit.

Shout Out #2 goes to A'net's Katch in Knightdale. My husband and i wanted to grill up some salmon for dinner on Sunday, but were disappointed to find that our local Lowes Foods * only had farm-raised salmon. Luckily, I remembered this small seafood specialty store in Knightdale. This was our first time there and we were thrilled with the selection, which included exactly what we were looking for: wild-caught Atlantic salmon.  If you are looking to have some awesome seafood at your 4th of July cookout, I highly suggest checking this place out. A few notes on A'net's Catch:
  • They are closed on Mondays.
  • On Tuesdays, they have soft shell crab and crabcakes on special for $3.99.
  • On Thursdays, they have shrimp on special for buy 2 lbs, get 1 lb free!
  • A'net's Katch will be closing after the 4th of July for 3 weeks while they expand to include a full-service kitchen.  I can't wait!
Did you all discover anything new this weekend? Tell us about it!

*For the record, I am not knocking Lowes Foods for only carrying farm-raised salmon. In fact I commend them for being upfront about it. It would be nice to have both options though.  ;)

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