Sunday, January 29, 2012

Triangle Restaurant Week - Last Day!

It's the last day of restaurant week! Time to carefully choose what menu you want to indulge in tonight. We've featured several $20 menus this week, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Sitti has one, too. If you haven't been there, you have to go. I'm telling you, I could put their garlic whip on everything. Here's the menu:

Mezze (choose one)
Beet Salad - Oven roasted baby beets, tangerines, goat cheese, arugula & spiced walnuts tossed in a tarragon vinegrette
Seafood Chowder - New England style with salmon, sea bass, mahi & swordfish

Entree (choose one)
Mixed Grill - Chicken Kabob & Kafta Kabob served with Sitti Rice, Summac onion, Grilled Roma Tomato & Garlic Whip
Salmon Tripoli - Pan seared, served over lentils & rice, Haricot vert, caramelized onion & spiced tahini sauce
Bell Pepper - Stuffed with vegetables & rice finished with tomato arak puree & yogurt drizzle

Dessert (choose one)
Ashta Pistachio Cake - Yellow cake layered with Ashta cream, Pistachio whipped icing & honey
Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding - Served warm with Jim Beam Bourbon sauce & vanilla bean ice cream

Meanwhile, there are plenty of $30 menus for fantastic spots, too. I've heard some great things about Battistella's, which opened last fall, and Mo's Diner is a favorite spot of mine. Let us know what you tried over 2012's first TRW!

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