Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Winterfest! Also Cupcakes!

It's the first day of December, and what a gorgeous day it's turning out to be! First things first: The Cupcake Shoppe's holiday open house is this afternoon with special gifts and complimentary mini-cupcakes. Also, their cupcake of the week is Twinkie-inspired, so basically there's no excuse not to stop by. And although it feels a bit warm, I'm not going to complain about going to Raleigh's Winterfest kickoff in this distinctly non-wintry weather. I mean, how lucky are we to have an ice skating rink when the weather's in the 60s? The kickoff starts at 3:00 but goes into the evening with live music, shopping, and an outdoor showing of Polar Express! The ice rink is open until 11:00 pm, so you can go later and not embarrass yourself in front of the little kids. It costs $8 including skate rental. Happy Holiday Season, Raleigh!

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