Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deep Fried Specials Tonight?

I cannot believe it's that time already! Come October 14th the NC State Fair will come to town and Raleigh will be the Deep Fried Capital of the country for 10 gloriously fattening days! Once again, I am putting in a bid to be the Deep Fried Ambassador for this year's NC State Fair!

As the Deep Fried Ambassador, Raleigh Specials Tonight will become Deep Fried Specials Tonight from Oct. 14-24th 2010. I will dedicate my posts to the deep fried delights and unique experiences that the NC State Fair has to offer. I will also feature local eateries that use their deep fryer as liberally as our friends that make the state fair happen. How about it, Raleigh? Deep Fried Specials Tonight anyone?

NC State Fair Press Office: Contact me at

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