Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lonerider Cask + Trivia

Lonerider Logo
Lonerider Logo (Photo credit: jeffreylcohen)
Tonight at 6:00, head to Flying Saucer's Trivia Bowl for Lonerider's Countdown To Showdown! Their fourth mini-showdown, this trivia bowl goes two rounds (7:00 and 9:30) with $200 in prizes on the line. Plus, of course, a Lonerider special cask will be on hand and pint glasses to give away. If you dig the countdown's mini-showdown, you can get your tickets tonight for the main event coming up on March 23rd. And if the pot needs more sweetening, proceeds from the big showdown go toward Nourish International, a charity that works with students to invest in areas in extreme poverty. Lonerider makes delicious beer and worthy donations!
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